Eternal Ink color of the week: TROPICAL TEAL

tropical teal editedsmall


I had a lot going on this week and couldn’t think of an Eternal Color on my own. Let’s face it; there are many great colors and choosing only one is difficult. So, this week I enlisted the help of my amazing partner in crime and co owner of Dolly Llama tattoos, Dani Felczak. I suspected Dani would choose TROPICAL TEAL, because she uses it every opportunity she gets. In fact, I tend to use it every opportunity I get. TROPICAL TEAL is the obvious choice for the llama mammas and many other tattooers I know.

Dani loves to tattoo mandalas and uses Tropical Teal in many of them. For those of you not familiar with a mandala; it’s a spiritual, geometric symbol used primarily in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the universe. It’s often used as a meditation aid. Tropical Teal is such an eye catching color that it immediately grabs your attention, so it makes sense to use it in mandala tattoos.  To check out more of Dani’s work, or if you would like to contact her for an awesome mandala tattoo; she can be found at You can also find her on Instagram where she updates her work frequently and you can see she uses Tropical Teal for more than just mandalas. Her Instagram: Danifelczaktattoo.

TROPICAL TEAL is the perfect add to new school and color pop pieces.  It makes for great highlights in black and undertones for white. Using the right amount of Tropical Teal as an accent can make black appear blacker and white appear whiter when used in key areas with the right amounts. Tropical Teal is nearly the perfect background color. It’s the kind of color you can catch in the sky on a warm sunny day, but it’s also the same kind of color in the waters that surround tropical islands. It’s also a color that reminds me every day isn’t a cold winter buried in hopeless despair. It’s cheery presence is like the Caribbean in a bottle. Nothing seems to complement soft floral tattoos nearly as well as Tropical Teal. It’s a happy color that makes every tattoo palette a little brighter.

I urge everyone who already has this color to experiment with it by adding it to different blues and greens. The results are always pleasing to the eye and offer opportunities for a variety of custom colors. Try mixing a little bit of happy into your ink cap and the smile on your face will form naturally.

If you have an Eternal Color that’s your favorite, drop me an email and tell me about it at:

Underthgloves13@yahoo.comdani mandela



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