eternal white

Happy New Year! The extra added pressure of the holidays, owning a studio, kids on winter break, having a son on travel team hockey and playing roller derby took its toll. I was forced to take a hiatus from Under the Gloves and deal with my crazy life. I’m happy to announce the holidays are officially over and I’m looking forward to a stellar new year. With each new year, I take time to reflect upon life and focus on new goals. In way, I sort of wipe the slate clean and press forward, which is why I chose White for the Eternal Color of the week.  Also, it’s January in Michigan and everything is constantly covered with snow. White has surrounded me.

White is one of those colors I just can’t live without. I literally use it in every tattoo. If I’m not using white directly for eye popping highlights, I use it to mix with other colors. It’s irreplaceable in my tattoo palatte. But, really who cares about what ink I’m using. How about I point you in the direction of another super amazing artist who uses Eternal White in a very stellar way? That would be Phil Garcia of Ink Philler Studios (  This guy, hands down is a bad ass when it comes to using white in the most perfect proportions and in exactly the right places. In fact, he’s so good at adding little details that he made an instructional DVD called Layering in the details. Now, who doesn’t need another instructional DVD in their library?phil garcia dog

I’ve spent many hours staring and drooling over Phil Garcia’s work. Phil of course, is on Instagram. You too can drool and marvel over his artistic prowess at . He is especially amazing at flower tattoos. Among the artists I consider the best in the world at flowers, for me Phil is my absolute top pick. If you’re looking specifically for an artist to provide you with an amazing floral tattoo, Phil is your guy. And you want to know what kind of inks Phil uses? Eternal Inks, of course. Don’t’ take my word for it, check out this you tube video:  If Instagram isn’t enough of a feast for your eyes, Phil has a twitter as well:  If you’re looking to book an appointment with Phil, his email is both on his Twitter an Instagram. phil garcia2

I have to admit, I love using white daily in my tattooing endeavors, but in real life it is one of my least favorite colors. Actually, it’s not really considered a color at all, rather the absence of such. White walls, cabinets and surfaces cause my OCD to kick in as I notice every little smudge and smear on it, forcing me into a cleaning frenzy. Furthermore, I’m sick of all this God damn snow! Looking at Phil’s tattoos reminds me that spring will come, flowers will bloom and the snow will melt.   TATTOOS BY: PHIL GARCIA

phil garcia1



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