Eternal Color of the Week: Undead Red

undead red small


I have about twelve staple colors in my collection I absolutely cannot live without.  And I won’t be caught dead without my Undead Red. This color makes up just one of the components of the Eternal Zombie color collection, which is a group of organic, somber, beautifully dismal tones. It’s also the color of your carpet after your done murdering your kids, because there have been one too many snow days. Did I say that out loud?

When I think Undead Red, the name on the tip of my tongue is Paul Acker from Deep Six Laboratories in Philadelphia. I’m going to assume there are a few tattooers reading this that are new to the industry and haven’t by chance heard the name, Paul Acker.  So, for those not in the know; you can take a look at his work at Paul’s work is primarily horror realism and hyper realism. If it’s horrific, gory, or if you’ve seen it a scary movie, most likely Mr. Acker has tattooed it (or would like too). I’ve watched him tattoo several times and love seeing his gruesomely beautiful pieces develop before my eyes. Want to know what that looks like? Here’s a video of it: Want to know how he does it? He made a DVD about his process and here’s a direct link to it: The only reason I don’t own this video is because all my money goes to these soul sucking succubus’s known as children. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the video is probably pretty cool though.paul aker zombie

Its Paul’s free flowing style and color blends that grab my attention. Well, that and there’s often a lot of blood. I love blood. Since blood is an evident part of horror style tattoos, undead red can add the perfect reddish brown undertone to the bloodiest of all palates and is adaptable to a large range of colors. When trying to make something appear bloody, the worst thing you can do is slap a bunch of mid tone reds into the skin and call it good. That’s NOT what blood looks like. Blood is dark, rich and so superbly red that is almost isn’t. Undead red is great to use for dried blood which makes it perfect for zombie type subject matter. I’m going to imagine that Paul must have a quart of this color just sitting there in his office with quarts of all the other Zombie colors. It seems like it would be necessary.

Undead red is a great color to experiment with. It’s a great way to warm up dark brown and a great way to sooth rust tones in Eternal’s standard Brown. Sometimes this color appears to be redder than brown, sometimes it’s more brown than red. Lighting and skin tone can affect this. One of my favorite uses for Undead Red is to blend it underneath Ochres. Also, because I love the Zombie colors so much, I use it as an undertone with the color Infected Skin.  This color is great for adding more depth in roses, hearts and mutilated body parts, which is what is going to happen around here if these kids bug me one more time while I’m typing this! If you don’t have this color, you need to get it, experiment with it and never let it go.PaulAcker060

If you have an Eternal Color of the week you would like to recommend, please let me know at:

Thanks for Reading,

Cee Jay


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