Eternal Color of the Week: SUNFLOWER YELLOW


sunflower finalI didn’t do an Eternal color of the week last week, because I was preparing for the Best in the Midwest tattoo convention in Iowa. My partner, Dani, our apprentice Jere and myself had a great time and met some interesting people. Last weekend was a whirlwind of fun, tattoos and casinos. I soaked in the creativity of my fellow artists and enjoyed being in one of the places I love the most. No, I don’t mean Iowa. I mean, among my fellow tattooers and tattoo disciples. No matter how far I travel, I’m home among my tattoo family. I’ll post more up about The Best in the Midwest convention after I’m done with this.

wyandotte yellow

This week, I’m in Pittsburgh among a very different group of people. My hockey ”family” as my son likes to call it. I’m here in a hotel stranger to a world my son calls home and a life that he enjoys very much. I feel lonely in a room full of people. I can talk to pretty much anyone and I often do. Small talk and hockey talk is available in abundance, but the words for me are empty. I reminisce to the previous week where my conversations felt more meaningful and engaging. I wake up early and drag myself into a cold ice rink to watch my son play. Our team team skates out in yellow and blue jerseys. It’s more of a maze and blue, but looking down onto the ice, I was reminded of Sunflower yellow.

Sunflower yellow is a happy color where I proudly watch my son play fearless guardian of the net. Sunflower yellow; where there’s hope for a spring in a seemingly endless winter. A cheerful yellow, where I happily tattoo my troubles away on a spring afternoon, creating a sunflower on the hip of a pretty girl. It’s a color that reminds me I will one day open the windows again and breath fresh air while the sun spills in brightening the house.

Eternal Ink’s Sunflower yellow is so much my favorite that it has dethroned Star Brite’s Canary Yellow, which I used pretty solid for almost nine straight years. Sunflower yellow is a great opaque yellow that has just enough white for maximum coverage without sacrificing the eye catching color and necessary tones a primary color delivers.

I’ve met an occasional artist who feels Sunflower yellow has too much white for them, but since most of my bread and butter consists of cover ups, I need a yellow with a high level of opacity. So, if you need a solid yellow for cover up purposes, Sunflower yellow is your best option of all the yellows in the Eternal line. It’s perfect for tattooing sunsets. When you blend it with red, it makes a brilliant peach. Blend it with orange and it has an orange Creamsicle kind of color. Mix it with any of the greens and let the fun begin. It makes for some intriguing results that will keep people guessing what you’re using to supplement your greens with.

If you haven’t tried Sunflower Yellow, now is a great time to brighten up your palette. It’s an uplifting color that won’t make any difference at all in the heinous winter, but it’s a great color to have.

If you have an Eternal color that you would like me to write about or anything you would like to see here on Under the Gloves; please email me at


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