Eternal color of the week: Shamrock Green

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It seems fitting to pick Shamrock Green as the Eternal color of the week. Last Monday was St. Patrick’s Day. I should have posted then but my partner and I were driving back from the third annual Asheville, North Carolina tattoo convention. Blogging at 70 plus miles an hour doesn’t work for me. The rest of my week has been a sad attempt at playing catch up from being out of town. Catch up? Who am I kidding? That never happens.

Shamrock green is part of the Liz Cook series of the Eternal Ink line and  just like that talented bundle of tattoo cuteness, Liz Cook herself; it doesn’t disappoint. Like many of the greens I’ve tattooed with, Shamrock has a thinner consistency which makes it easier to blend with. I’m going to guess that Shamrock green and Jungle green are most likely first cousins in the ink world. If they were people, they would probably hang out and share socks. Shamrock green is different enough from Jungle Green for me to own them both. Some days, I feel lucky and I reach for Shamrock. Other days, I opt for jungle green. It depends on my mood. The truth is, I run out of the Shamrock green faster than Jungle Green even though I like them nearly equally.

Right now, living in the dismal suburbs of Detroit everything is dirty and ugly. The snow has melted and the grass is dead. I wish I could buy gallons of Shamrock green and just pour it all over my lawn, because I’m growing impatient waiting to see living grass again. Regarding living plant life; Shamrock Green is great for coloring greenery of many different varieties. It’s a great mid tone green. I can effortlessly blend Shamrock into darker greens or with various yellows for natural leafy transitions in foliage, ivy, and grassy terrain (which I haven’t seen much of lately). It’s an attractive green that catches you’re attention every time. Just like Liz Cook who has an entire line of Eternal Inks named after her. You want to know why she has an entire line of inks named after her? Check out these links: Here’s another way to check out her work:  Also, She’s absolutely adorable. You’ve got to be blind or dead to not notice this. Creating an entire line of inks in her honor is a no brainer in my opinion. Shamrock Green aside, I can honestly say that Liz Cook is in my top three of female tattooists I want to wrestle naked with in colorful puddles ink. Kinda like naked mud wrestling, but cleaner and more colorful.

liz cook picIf images of a naked, ink coated Liz Cook isn’t enough for you to go out and buy a bottle of Shamrock Green, then take  a real close look at her work and think about it again. Shamrock is brilliant, solid and firmly green. Immediately after tattooing, the green doesn’t appear ultra vibrant, but give it a minute to settle in and the results are stellar. Give Shamrock time to heal and it gets even more brilliant. If you’re looking for the perfect mid tone green, Liz Cook’s Shamrock is a great color to have on your shelf.

LC 200px headIs there a color you would like me to review? Drop me some mail at:


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