Eating on the Run Part 2: The Sarah Miller effect

sarah 100pxAbout a month ago, I found myself in Asheville, North Carolina tattooing at the Third Annual Asheville Tattoo Expo. It was a great convention, but I’ll fill you in on that at a later time. Eating on the Run part two is long overdue, so I’ve decided to repost “Eating on the run part 1” as a refresher for interested parties. (just read the entry below this one)

I was excited about catching up with Sarah Miller at the Asheville convention, not only because she’s fun to hang out with, but I noticed she dropped a few pounds since I last saw her. I envisioned an opportunity for an informative interview filled with tips on trimming down. No doubt she has something interesting to say. Sarah is noticeably svelter since I first met her on season two of Ink Masters and I was impressed. Surely, she had some sort of secret I could share with my readers that would be useful. After a very busy convention, we had a moment to chat. The anticipation was killing me. I imagined the shedding of a few pounds must have been work out related, or perhaps she stumbled upon a new supplement?

So, when I asked Sarah the million dollar question about how she trimmed down; her answer left me shocked and nearly in disbelief. Sarah’s answer was…..”The Junior Baconator”. At first, I thought she had to be kidding. Her glowing skin, her trim appearance and her hot photos in Rebel Ink magazine didn’t appear very “Baconator” like to me. Surely, this was some kind of joke! But, it wasn’t. After accusing her of ruining my marvelous blog idea, she elaborated on her statement.

Sarah explained that during conventions she gets so busy; she scarcely has time to eat. So, she’ll order a Junior Baconator and when she gets a moment to take a break, she eats a couple of bites. Pretty much it takes her all day to eat that damn Baconator. Upon hearing this news I had a better understanding of how she slimmed down and everything made a little more sense. I have a difficult time getting time to chow when I’m tattooing all day and night. I could instantly relate. However, at this point I’m trying to figure out how I can write a blog about healthier living for tattooers knowing that scarcely eating a Junior Baconator all day doesn’t exactly qualify as a healthier lifestyle choice; no matter how good Sarah looks. Wishing I had good, practical advice from Sarah wasn’t going to give me something awesome to share with my fellow tattooers or was I missing something? Yes, absolutely I was missing something!

The moral of this story is moderation. In a world of excess; moderation is the key to keeping yourself in a good place. Moderation is more than simply portion control or the types of food you’re eating. Moderation is realizing that sometimes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and too much of a bad thing is just a bad, bad thing. Moderating what you’re eating while you’re out on the road will not only help keep you from feeling like crap, it might help you lose a few pounds or avoid gaining them all together. For example, a lot of restaurants serve way to large portions. You really don’t have to eat everything on your plate all at once. Save some left overs or skip left overs and feed the birds or a stray cat, or something.  Moderating how much you drink will help you avoid tattooing with a hangover and becoming a farty mess all day. Moderating how long you hang out in a hot tub could help you avoid chemical rashes. (Yes, I know someone that happened to.) I’m sure you get the point.

Moderation can also mean making healthier choices when you do eat out on the road. Opting for a baked potato rather than greasy, French fries is a healthier option, but that’s assuming the baked potato isn’t over loaded with sour cream, bacon, cheese and butter. It can mean having water with your meal instead of a Coke. After all, water aids in the digestive process and won’t rot your teeth like Coke will. If you’re really craving soda at meal time, your best bet is to drink water while you eat and have a small soda after you’re done. Your body will be able to process your food better which means you get more nutrients. Also, if you drink your sugery, carbonated beverage after your meal; you’re less likely to suck down large portions of corn syrup and calories. A smaller portion of pop usually fills the void just as well, because you’re already full. Honestly, here you’re only trying to fulfill a craving so excessive amounts aren’t necessary for most people to feel satisfied.

There’s a collection of books which can steer you in a better direction if you’re eating on the run and you’re looking for healthier options called “Eat this NOT that.  First introduced in 2007, these books were written by David Zinzenko and they’re advertised as a “no diet weight loss solution”. You can get these books on Amazon, although I’ve seen them also at my local grocery store. Not only do these books highlight healthier solutions for fast food and restaurants, they also include super markets, grilling and even beverages. If you don’t want the daunting task of carrying a book around with you on your travels, your solution is merely an app away. You can also download and “Eat this not that”, app on your phone.  There are a couple different options to date and having this reference on your phone doesn’t get any more convenient.

I would like to thank the talented Sarah Miller for being my inspiration on my recent lesson in moderation. I’m more artistically inspired by her than bacon inspired, but it was great to learn something new and discover a fresh new perspective I hadn’t considered.

Check back soon. I’ll be posting up my review on the Third Annual Asheville Tattoo convention shortly as well as my seriously overdue Eternal Color of the Week and as always, healthier lifestyle stuff.

Keep it Inky- Cee Jayeat this 100px


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