UPDATES!!! Cleaning some house around here.

I’m rather new to this blog thing. Honestly, one of my biggest challenges is trying to edit and post photos to these blogs. I’m way better at it now than when I first began last November. In a moment of nostalgia, I decided to look back on my past blogs to see how I felt about them. Much to my shock and horror, I realized that I had deleted a bunch of pictures from past posts!!!! I’ve added the pictures right back where they belonged safe and sound. All is right with my blog now, but I’m wondering how many people went to my blog only to be dissapointed without any visual reference for their eyes to feast on. For example, the very first Eternal Color of the week, I featured the color SMOKE. My feature artist was the superbly talented Kelly Doty. I reposted all of the pics that had been deleted. Like this one:


In the midst of my winter woes, I tried to turn a negative into a positive by featuring Phil Garcia’s work. My Eternal Color of the week choice was WHITE and Phil Garcia is a master at utilizing white in his tattoos. Below is a sample of that.

phil garcia2

Anyway, if you’ve been reading and wonder why pictures from previous blogs weren’t visible, it was simply because I fucked up and deleted them. I think I’ve got all the kinks figured out now. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I think it enhances the content of my blogs considerably. Scroll back though and take a peek at my previous blogs. Long lost pictures have now been found! As always thanks for reading!


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