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So here at Under The Gloves, most of what I write about focuses on a healthier lifestyle for tattooers, but I also write about things that make our lives easier. I figure the easier things are on a person, less stress is involved; less stress equals a healthier tattoo artist. A very smart Joe Capobianco told me something nearly ten years ago that’s stuck with me. It was “Work smarter. Not harder.” Surely, he’s not the only person to ever say this, but coming from Joe it holds more meaning.

So, I found a way to work smarter; it’s called TattooCloud.  This is a free app you can download on your phone that will allow you to instantly upload your tattoos to your social media and website. I know at this point, your questioning why you need yet another app on your phone. I know I did until I tried it for myself.

Curious about this new app, I started talking with Pete, one of the creators of TattooCloud and was convinced it was something I needed to be a part of. This is why I’ve joined the TattooCloud Team and I’m trying to inform every artist I can about how sweet this thing is. In fact, I really didn’t need much convincing once I learned Pete at TattooCloud has been working with Durb on the Hell City website for over a decade ( and of course this includes True Tubes as well (  TattooCloud is also responsible for the breathtaking site at Ink and Dagger ( which is the shop Russ Abbott owns in Roswell, Georgia. Now, since I have an immense amount of hero worship for both Russ and Durb, I had to give Pete a listen. If it’s good enough for Durb and Russ, it’s good enough for me. Pete’s great to talk to and I’m convinced he knows everything about social media, websites and cloud servers. Honestly, though the proof is in the pudding. After I started talking with Pete about websites; I checked out other sites TattooCloud has designed and hands down this guy delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

So, you know what I did? I decided to let TattooCloud take care of my website for me. It was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my career. I’ve been hosting and designing my own website since 2001. Designing my own sites for the last thirteen years has been nothing but one constant headache. I’ve finally come up with the assumption that someone who tattoos professionally shouldn’t be designing their own websites (unless of course you have a graphic design degree). Some things are best left to the professionals. It’s like people who tattoo on the side for a hobby. They’re work never really gets good because they don’t invest the same time and dedication we do as professionals. After years of headaches and dealing with shitty tech. support people with barely decipherable accents, limited platforms and hosting issues; I wish I had done this sooner.

Having a good, solid website is more important now than ever before. Anyone can throw together a Facebook or Instagram, but an effective website shows you’re professional and serious about what you’re doing. Most people search for artists using mobile devices and computers. If a person is torn between two artists; having a website can be the clincher to getting their business. It’s sad to say I’ve met people who chose a shop with lack luster artists over a studio with great artists simply because of a website.  It’s easy to have the mentality that if a perspective client is that stupid, you wouldn’t want their business anyway; which is fine, but the unintelligent far outnumber the genius’s in our society. Stupid money spends just as good as the dollars that line the pockets of those belonging to Mensa (who are much less likely to get tattooed by the way).

I realize this sounds like a sales pitch, but that’s not exactly why I’m writing this. It’s the free stuff that impresses me. I’m a cheap date. My interest in TattooCloud was initially peaked with my second favorite four letter word; FREE (my favorite four letter word also starts with an “F”). I liked that I could get my free app and be added to a community of artists on a site for free. I once was on another site that cost money and I didn’t get anything instantly. I also didn’t get to upload to my other social media either. Another thing I really like about TattooCloud is that it’s industry specific. Perspective clients are going to TattooCloud for a reason. It’s not because they’re looking for food porn. Also, when people go to the TattooCloud site, there’s a nifty little search engine with the most popular key words to help locate certain types of tattoos and the Tattoo Stream constantly updates in real time.


TattooCloud appreciates every artist that’s joined its tech savvy, tattoo based community. Their innovative approach to web development and instant gratification for their growing number of artists is relatively new. At TattooCloud, every image uploaded is yours which is why they offer every artist on the site free watermarks. Listen, all the cool kids have water marks. We all know their important because they minimize others from stealing your shit. There’s a bunch of artists out there that won’t get off their asses or are too busy to create watermarks for their work. Some artists out there simply don’t know how to create them and that’s o.k. because that’s what guys like Pete do. Work smarter and not harder, let someone else do it for you.

TattooCloud knows a picture is truly worth a thousand words and they have no intention of owning what others have created. Instagram’s terms of use disagree with that. Every single picture uploaded to Instagram instantly becomes their property.  I think that’s a bullshit deal and so does TattooCloud. That’s why I think it’s important for artist’s to know they offer free watermarks for every person on TattooCloud. Once you start your profile with TattooCloud and upload your pictures, you can screen shot your picture after its water marked then post it to Instagram. This way, Instagram is less likely to use your pictures for their own purposes or at least if they do, people will realize who created it. Hey, every bit helps right?

With TattooCloud’s free app instantly updating your social media is easy. Of course, this doesn’t include Instagram. But, maybe that’s a good thing. Perhaps the few seconds it takes to upload your free watermark can avoid the potential of your image being used for something you never intended. Also, for only $20 per month you can have water marked images instantly uploaded to your website as well, no matter who hosts it. No waiting for someone else to upload for you, no webmasters, no extra time on the computer. For the price of a tip, your gallery can update in real time.  Personally, that kind of convenience is so worth it. The less time I spend at the computer, the more time I have to draw and cater to my clients. Even better, a website for an individual artist starts at $500 and only $15 a month after that. You can make the $500 in two easy payments of $250. For many tattoo artists out there, $500 is only one or two tattoos, or setting aside a few tips in an envelope for a couple weeks.

If you’re not happy with your current site or if you’re just interested in checking out some other options, contact or give him a call at: 415-413-7433. Give TattooCloud a try. The app is Free. Joining our community of artists is FREE. Don’t get lost in a crowd of Insta- artists. Get up on our cloud. It’s nice up here.

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Check back here at Under the Gloves soon: I’m about to review the Eternal Color of the month along with a super great new artist I recently discovered who picked the color of the month for me…. This artist is soon to be revealed along with a giveaway of a 4 oz. bottle of the color of the month to one lucky winner. As always, thanks for reading!


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