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John Barrett

For many, October is great time of year and if you’re in the right climate, it can be an explosion of color. It’s nearly a phenomena watching a world wrapped in lush green transition into vivid colors of fall. Autumn has a palette all its own; with insatiable hues from deep browns and reds to brilliant oranges and yellows; warm and bright. The colors scream almost as nature’s final protest against the deadly winter chill, which is why Deep Red is the perfect color to review this month.
In earlier September, before fall officially fell; I had the luck of meeting this gentleman from Georgia by the name of John Barrett ( If you don’t know this dude then you’re missing out. John, who has been tattooing a mere four years, impressed the hell out of me. I might be a cheap date, but when it comes to tattoos, I’m a hard sell. The discovery that John is such an exemplary artist for his short time tattooing is inspiring.deepredz100 I look at his work and marvel. I predict John Barrett will be one of the dominating forces in our industry if he continues on his current path. Hell, he dominated the color portrait category at the Third annual Steel City Convention, this past September taking a first place win. With the impressive lineup of artists at this convention, a young buck from Georgia coming out and scooping up best color portrait is unheard of. Well, now I guess we’ve all heard it. Excited about my recent discovery of the amazing abilities of Mr. Barrett, I had to know which Eternal Ink color he liked using the most. After all, I could learn something from this kid. His answer was “Deep Red”. He says he uses it in”; almost everything”. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bottle of Deep Red, so I felt obligated to purchase it and critique it(after all, any excuse to own all the colors Eternal has to offer is a good excuse). What I discovered about Deep Red is this; it’s identical to Undead Red. Deep Red versus Undead Red is a tomato, tamato situation. Undead Red is a logical color to review this season. Not only because it’s deep, organic red fits nicely with an autumn color scheme, but also fits the theme of this time of year when we celebrate the macabre and scary. Undead Red is part of the Zombie color collection. I reviewed Undead Red last winter and Paul Acker was my featured artist ( It’s interesting comparing two different artists using nearly the same color in a different way. Both Paul Acker and John Barrett have a hyper realism focus on their work, but they choose different subject matter.unnamed
The intriguing thing about John’s work that immediately grabbed me was that he tends to mingle hyper realism and photo realism with neo traditional work. It’s a feast for the eyes having seen an eclectic mix of styles combined in such a manner. I for one, appreciate the innovative approach. (Check out John’s Instagram for more: Though very different from the styling of Russ Abbott, I appreciate the pushing the envelope approach John is taking. I’m not sure what it is about artists from Georgia pushing our art into new directions, but I like it.unnamed (1)
Also, worth mention is the amiable demeanor of Mr. Barrett. Being from the rough and gruff of Detroit; it’s culture shock when I encounter young men who aren’t egotistical dicks. I was impressed with Mr. Barrett’s Southern appeal and honesty. During my first encounter with him, he revealed that he just became a proud new daddy the day before he left for the convention. He showed me baby pictures and was absolutely gushing over his beautiful little Mia. I was awed by his dedication to his art at such a young age. I can’t imagine the turmoil of having to hop a plane the day after your little girl was born. He was very gracious as he complimented his wonderful partner for bringing his baby into this world and being ok with him jet setting to Pittsburgh, PA for a convention a day later. (For most tattooists; that kind of girl’s a keeper).
Eternal’s Deep Red has exactly the same ease of use that Undead Red has and I personally like to use it in the exact same manner. Further examining John Barrett’s work, I absolutely believe him that he uses Deep Red in almost everything. It’s a rich color that offers a high level of versatility for those not afraid to experiment. I personally love to pair this color with ocher, but I noticed John uses it to get deep red tones without having to muck up the red with black. Using Eternal Deep Red as a way to enrich the deeper tones of red makes for a natural blend and softer transition. Give Deep Red a try and see what kind of interesting color combinations you can come up with. It’s a great color.
If you would like to give Deep Red a try for yourself, I’m giving away one 4oz. bottle to one lucky winner. Here are the rules for a chance to win: REPOST THE pic of DEEP RED from our INSTAGRAM @underthrgloves. Tag: @yogi_barrett and also @underthegloves . HASH TAG DEEP RED(#deepred). Winner will be picked at random on 10/28/14 before midnight. Winner will be notified via direct message and announced on Underthegloves Instagram as well. Good luck and thanks for reading!

(John is currently at: Seachlight Tattoo in Centerville, Georgia. He can be reached via email at


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