Eternal color of the month: COOL LIGHT GRAY

cool light gray

Chris Hernandez: INK GYPSY

Chris Hernandez: INK GYPSY

While attending the Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Convention, I happened to stop at the Eternal Ink booth. Well, I didn’t just happen to stop. I always stop. The colors of the Eternal Ink rainbow beckon me every time. This time, I had the good fortune of talking with Chris Hernandez who is one of Eternal’s Ink Gypsies (as I occasionally call them). Since I was feeling lazy and I knew I had to come up with a new color of the month for February, I had Chris pick it. Chris’ pick is Cool Light Gray from the Eternal M Series.

This is a pretty fitting color for this time of the year, because the winter sky often takes on varying degrees of grays and blues while we suffer below freezing and praying for spring. Cool Light Gray is a perplexing color. For me, it’s evident blue hue makes me reluctant to lump it into the “gray” color category, but it’s just blue enough for me to consider it a blue. However, a change in lighting has a drastic effect on the gray impact of this color. This is a great color for subtle highlights and for mixing into other blue based inks when you’re not interested in using white for your mixer, but you need a bit lighter tone.

I found that I get some neat colors when I mix Cool Light Gray with Bay Gray. I’ve also used it to lighten Steel Gray and feel that it’s a solid choice for a mixer when you want to keep the tones cool. Cool Light Gray is perfect for those soft fuzzy blends we love so much in photo realism tattooing which is partially the reason why we have the Eternal M Series to begin with.mike devries 2

The Eternal M Series was created with the help of artists Mario Rosenau and Mike Devries, both of which do photorealist tattoos and have been on the fore front of the photo realist tattoo movement.  You can check out Mario Rosenau’s work here: and on instagram at: mariorosenau. You can find Mike Devries at: and on at: mikedevries. Both of these guys are stellar artists and thanks to them; Eternal has an 18 color series perfect for artists wanting to take their color blending to the next level.

Mike DevriesI bought a set of the M Series years ago when it first came out. I ran out of my Cool Light Gray long ago and never replaced it. I’ll blame that on my Ink A.D.D. There are so many splendid colors in the Eternal collection that I’m always crushing on a new color and forget to replace old ones. Thanks to Chris, I’ve gotten reacquainted with Cool Light Gray and I couldn’t be happier. Cool Light Gray is a fun color to blend with. If you haven’t tried this one yet; what are you waiting for?

You keep reading and I’ll keep writing- Cee Jay “Inky” Jones




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