Last Eternal Color of the month for 2015: Halo Fifth Dimension


I can’t believe how fast this year has passed me by! 2016 is right around the corner and I’m looking forward to a stellar new year for Under The Gloves. One of my biggest regrets of the entire year is not being able to spend time blogging as I had originally intended. Also, one of my biggest regrets regarding this blog is not keeping up with my Eternal Color of the month. It’s no secret I absolutely love Eternal Ink, writing about it and about the artists who use it. I really quite enjoy sharing my thoughts about Eternal Ink. So, I would like to make up for all of the missed colors of the month all in one shot. This month’s choice for Eternal’s Color of the month is the Halo Fifth Dimension Set.

halo set

12 colors of awesome

Let me start by saying I’m in love with all twelve of these high contrast pastels. Now, I realize that anyone of us could reasonably mix our own pastels. I’ve often achieved this by having some residual pigment caught in my tube as I’m dipping into a cap of white. I’ve learned from several artists that often tinting white may yield better results when using contrasting highlights than simply using white alone. Pastels are highly useful for high level creative contrasting when white just doesn’t have enough flavor as a highlight on it’s own. So, if we’re all capable of mixing our own pastels; why get the Halos Fifth Dimension set?


Tattoo by: Halo


Here are two reasons…You know most of you tattooers out there are too lazy to mix your own pastels in the first place. Secondly, consistency; especially when you’re dealing with a multi session piece or touch ups at any point in time. Using the Halo Fifth Dimension set takes all the guess work out of trying to figure out just how you got that one special mix for that piece you started two months ago. Artists tattoo high contrast subject matter and photo realism with dynamic lighting shouldn’t be without this set.

The inspiration behind the Halo Fifth Dimension set is none other than Halo Janowski of Ink Master Season four and owner of Black Lotus Tattoo in Hanover, MD. ( ) Halo1He is an admirable artist who excels in high contrast with his tattooing and all his artwork. I’m not sure whose brain child it was to bring Halo aboard to help Eternal develop the Fifth Dimension set, but they certainly deserve credit for such an awesome collaboration. I love the cosmic names chosen for the colors. With names like Nebula, Cosmos and Ectoplasm how could you go wrong? This is honestly my favorite set from Eternal so far.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from this collection, but my current pick would be Jupiter. It’s a brilliant pastel orange with strong yellow overtones. It’s soft, yet vibrant and I love it so much I could totally pour it all over my naked body(Did I say that outloud?).

This rad Fifth Dimension Ink set isn’t the only thing that Halo has going on. He happens to also be a photoshop master and he has a pretty kick ass tutorial for sale called Reinvent Yourself.Halo_DVD_cover Here’s the link:  Halo Janowski is definitely one to watch as he pushes our craft forward into an endless future of possibilities by harnessing technology and pushing the boundaries of modern tattooing.

If you like this, feel free to share. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

Thanks, Cee Jay




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