Happy New Year:confessions of a cheater

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HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to my first blog of 2016. As a fan of the New Year, new beginnings concept, I’m wiping the slate clean and starting with a new directive. But, before I move forward with my extra special new year, new blog; a confession is in order. I believe confession is good for the soul. It’s great to let go of past indiscretions and move forward, otherwise the stuff in our past can burden our future. So, here is my New Year’s confession.

In my life, I have a few passions that have stuck with me. I have a passion of music, (which is probably why I find a good guitar player irresistible) I’m passionate about art, tattooing, people, roller derby, my children and writing. Truth be told, aside from being an artist, I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I am, as I’m literally writing this now. I feel I have a lot of experience to share with others in the industry and as an artist who has struggled to find useful information; I think it’s important to try and help. Consequently, the birth of Under The Gloves. My original objective was to give healthy tips specifically for tattoo artists that can be helpful. I fully intend to stick with the healthy stuff, but I’ve decided to expand my horizons this year and not limit this blog to just healthy stuff and awesome ink reviews. This year, I will expand upon the knowledge I share to beyond healthy living into other aspects which can assist in making the life of a tattooist more informed and hopefully a little easier. But first, my confession….

I’ve been cheating on myself. Over the course of the last year, I’ve met a couple of individuals who are involved with new business that I think are great. I have such strong faith in what these new business are doing that I’ve been helping them all this past year. This is very obviously a case of biting off more than I can chew, but I found these new endeavors too exciting to just wish them all luck and walk away. As a result, Under The Gloves didn’t get nearly as much attention as it needed in 2015. I was putting so much energy into these other guys that I didn’t have time to focus on projects which were top of my priority list last year. Not to mention, I opened a new studio and I may have underestimated the attention required to successfully complete my first year of business. I found myself blogging and marketing for others instead of myself, but despite my set back, I don’t regret any of this decision.

I can’t continue to cheat myself and be happy with the progress of this blog so I’ve had to find a way to more effectively utilize my efforts.  Part of my solution to this problem is reblogging. I’ve written some damn good articles for these other companies that contain useful industry related information. I merely have to tweak a bit for it to fit into my Under The Gloves format which allows me to share this information with a wider audience. It’s basically blog recycling. This way, I will be able to once again focus my attention on Under The Gloves and deliver good reliable content to my constituents without having to cheat myself out of great content for my own blog.

Now that I’ve confessed my cheating ways, I would like to start anew in 2016. I will share with you these great new companies I’ve encountered and what they have to offer our industry. More importantly, how they can help make things a little bit better for us all. I won’t stop there though, I’ve got a lot more on the agenda for this year. Thanks for reading my first blog of 2016. I’m looking forward to a great new year. As always, you keep reading and I’ll keep writing!

Thanks, Cee Jay


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