Well, that went fast! Here we are in 2015 already. November and December flew past me leaving little time for much. I simply didn’t have time to preview November and December’s color of the month. On the positive side, I have the very first Eternal color of the month for 2015 all ready to go. So, the Eternal Color of the month for JANUARY 2015 isn’t just ONE color. It’s an entire set. It’s the Jess Yen set.

Now before I go any further, I will say that I can’t honestly review this from the perspective of my experience with this set.  I haven’t bought any of this yet, but it’s in the plans. Despite my lack of practice tattooing with any of the Jess Yen colors, there are two things that make me confident that this new formula and its delightful hues are nothing short of pigment perfection. For starters, knowing it carries the Eternal label tells me it’s synonymous with quality. Secondly, there’s no way in hell Jess Yen is going to put his name on something that isn’t perfect.Lotus_Koi_Tattoo_M

So, what’s so different about the Jess Yen set other than the bottles (which are evidently square)? The formula has been specifically designed for traditional and tebori tattoo styles. For those of you who aren’t’ familiar with tabori tattooing, here’s a link showing an example:  http://youtu.be/4pzkRkENmXE  The Jess Yen formula has a different viscosity making it ideal for those looking for solid color saturation in a traditional manner.jess yen2

You will also notice that the Jess Yen set has an entirely new and different palette exclusive to the formula. Colors like Sekora Pink, Lotus Tip, Peony Purple and Geisha Pink are a prime color palette for traditional oriental flowers. Each color has names that are eastern influenced with regal connotations; Green Dragon and Imperial Jade are lush and perfect for traditional Japanese style tattooing. I can’t wait to dig into a bottle of Immovable Dark, which looks a lot like deep turquoise, but has hint more blue to it.JessYenSetColors

Each color is bold an interesting. It grabs you by your eye ball just like the work of Jess Yen.  Jess Yen is a veteran tattooist of 16 years who is the owner of My Tattoo in Alhambra, California. He specializes in Oriental style, realistic and tebori tattoos. In the arena of Oriental style tattooing, this guy is an ink slinging ninja of epic proportions. It’s no coincidence that the black for the Jess Yen set bears the name “Ninja Black”. This guy tattoos some of the best koi and oriental dragons I’ve ever seen, but don’t take my word for it. Hop over to his website and take a look at his work and marvel: http://www.mytats.com/jess.htm . Also, if his website isn’t enough, try his Instagram: jessyentattoos.Everything Jess does is impeccable and I’m going to assume the Jess Yen set of inks is exactly that.

jess yen1

This set is on my “must have” list for 2015. I plan to purchase, experiment and report back here. But, in the meantime I recommend starting the New Year giving something new a try. Get the Jess Yen set, fill up your caps and be your own ink wielding ninja.

Next up….. Pepper Power! You wouldn’t believe the magic that exists in those things!

You keep reading and I’ll keep writing…..


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